March 1st, 2013

The funny thing about being married is the assumption that the next step in life—the next “necessary” step—involves children. And as a woman, I can’t tell you how much I’ve been bugged about when I’m going to have one of my own no matter how much I protest.

You see, I’ve never been a baby person. NEVER. Whenever there was a newborn in the family, I didn’t feel that cuddly need to hold and coo at them.

Friend: “Wanna hold her?”

Me: Eyes person seriously. “No.”

Yeah. Me and babies don’t mix. I’m more of a when-they-learn-to-talk-instead-of-scream type kid person. No offense to parents who are overjoyed with their expanding families. Obviously raising a child worked for you. Awesome.

But I prefer my quiet nights at home after work. There’s this subreddit I found on called /r/childfree and it is excellent. There’s a lot of posts about people who realized (young or old) that babies just weren’t for them and their reasons why. And, unsurprisingly, I can relate to almost all of them.

Please don’t feel sorry or pity for me. There’s nothing wrong with me; I’m not sick and this is my choice. I’m happiest this way. I’d rather be the super cool Aunt or Godmother anyday. Want me to babysit? Sure. But once you come home to collect the love of your life, I get to go home to the two loves of my life—my husband and my cat, Heather.



Valentine’s Day is Here

February 14th, 2013

Usually, I could care less that it’s Valentine’s Day. Honestly. In the past, I’d blame being single for my non-caring nature, but I’ve been married for 3 1/2 years. My husband’s attitude about today is the same.

But for some reason, I’ve been feeling all lovey-dovey lately. I actually want to go out of my way to do my hair, wear nice clothes, eat a good meal, and be romantic with my hubby.

What the hell changed?

I blame being married for so long. Don’t they say something about how our hormones change over the course of being married, where the feelings of lust/love turn into love/love? Because if that’s the case, it’s really put things in perspective. I cherish the little things more; the small moments spent being with my husband.

Hope everyone else has a Happy Valentine’s Day.



OCD is such a B**ch

February 13th, 2013

OCD, also referred to as Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, is something that has plagued me my whole life. Whenever I send out an email, I have to check it three or more times before sending it off. Whenever I make a payment online, I triple-check the bank account number and amount paid. Even when I’m invited to a party, I’ll scan my calendar five times to make sure I wrote it down correctly.

Most times, a mild case of OCD is rather helpful because it means things are done correctly, or more correctly than someone who doesn’t care as much. But when you want to write, it can be such a pain. You see, if I write a chapter, I have to go back and read it to see if I made any errors. Yeah, this would shave off a lot of time later when I’m editing, but it also staunches my creative mojo. Instead of writing 1,000 words in an hour, it will take longer.


I’ve been trying to find ways to deter this behavior by distracting myself or telling myself I’ve done enough. Sometimes I have to walk out of the room to force the OCD out of me. To top it off, I’m extremely impatient.

Do you have a case of OCD? And if yes, what do you do to help?



Superbowl Sunday

February 6th, 2013

Let me just make something clear: I don’t watch sports and I don’t follow football, but watching the final game of any tournament is pretty fun. People have the awesome excuse to get together, eat bad food, and yell at the screen. Plus the commercials are always fun to watch.

So this past Sunday was the Superbowl. It was the Ravens against the 49rs. My hubby and I bbq’d a lot of awesome food (we even cooked our own chicken wings) and passed some drinks around. I have to say, I would’ve ignored the TV and played with my iPad, but the game was pretty fun to watch. Especially since the second half was a nail-biter. Unfortunately (for me), the 49rs lost. My husband was rooting for the Ravens, so he was pretty happy.

All in all, it was a great day of fun. I ended up falling asleep on the couch from eating too much. In other words, I succumbed to a food coma. I hope you guys had just as much fun.



Book Review: My Super Sweet Sixteenth Century

February 1st, 2013

Wow, I haven’t done one of these in ages. And that’s mainly because I haven’t read a book in ages.


However I loved loved loved this book. I seriously read it in one day. It was written in a way that transported me back in time. I could visualize each scene and felt the heat between Cat and Lorenzo. (Did I mention the main character’s name is Caterina? Yeah, that brought a chuckle from me)

BUT I gave it 4 out of 5 stars because this story is a tad overly done: Girl shies away from new addition to the family (her stepmother), girl is sent back in time to learn a valuable lesson, girl falls in love with boy, girl comes back to the present time and still somehow bumps into the guy she fell in love with in the past.

But this book is still a fun read and I recommend it to all my friends.