Sick and Tired

So last week, I took it upon myself to take a few days off from work so my husband and I could work on our backyard. Ever since we bought our house (1 1/2 years ago), all we had in the back was dirt and weeds. Sure it worked for barbecuing, but it’s not a very functional area.

This is what my semi-vacation looked like:

Wednesday: It’s our first day off and we haul ass. We shovel, we dig, we pace ourselves and surprisingly actually make really great progress. We turn a useless piece of the land into an area where we can start the process of putting pavers down.

Thursday: I wake up and uh-oh…my back hurts like a son of a gun. It seems I did not shovel the proper way. I try my best to get around, make breakfast, and prepare myself for more work. But then disaster strikes—not more than a 1/2 hour after breakfast, I begin to feel nauseous. WTF?

Still, I push myself outside and try my best, but after ten minutes, I’m forced back inside to rest on the couch. Time passes and I notice how hot I’m feeling. Do I have a temperature? Let’s find out. (messes around with medical equipment) YUP, I HAVE A LOW-GRADE FEVER. *sigh* Looks like either I caught a bug or ate something bad. Doesn’t matter though because now I’m out for the count.

I apologize profusely to my husband (the poor man has to do this on his own now) and sleep.

Friday: Still feel like crap. Do the bare minimum, sit my ass on the couch, and watch TV till the cows come home. Good thing Heather kept me company the whole time because Señior hubby wanted to be nowhere near me (he did not want to get sick).

Saturday: Somewhat better, but still feeling terrible. Try to eat some solids and find my stomach does not agree with that.

Sunday: Oh, what’s that? Is that the sun? I actually venture out of the house to go buy some food. Get home, try to eat, feel sick, and rest some more.

Monday: Holy crap, I feel so much better. But wait, what’s today? DAMMIT!  (Got well just in time for work)

And that’s what happened to me in a nut-shell. Had to endure a lot of hell and didn’t even get to enjoy my time off. Oh well, here’s to hoping next time I don’t get sick.



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