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Holiday Vacation From Blogging

Wednesday, December 19th, 2012

Hey folks,

Like a lot of literary agents are doing, I’m going to take a holiday break from writing related things. This is the last blog post for the month of December until the new year.

Happy Holidays!



Good Things Are Happening

Wednesday, December 12th, 2012

If I had to sum up my 2012, I’d say it wasn’t that great. A lot of bad things happened to my family, and there were other ‘interesting’ events I won’t mention. But now I can finally say good luck seems to be returning.

You see, this year it was like more than half my friends were being visited by Lady Luck. One friend, who’d self-published, made it to the best sellers list and was offered a six-figure (YES, SIX-FIGURE) deal from a publisher (which she turned down). And then there were several who became agented and sold their books to publishers. I didn’t reach anywhere near their status, but I did get great reviews of Zombie Whisperer. However I’d like to go farther than that.

In other news, it looks like my funk is finally leaving since I started writing longhand in my new notepad/diary notebook for my new YA Science Fiction WIP. It might be a lot slower than typing, but I don’t feel as much pressure to reach a certain amount of words a day. I just write when I feel like it.

Here’s to hoping 2013 will be a game changer and all my dreams will come true.



Terrified of Spiders

Friday, December 7th, 2012


I thought I’d deviate away from the over-done topic of reading and writing and tell you about something I experienced a few months back.

Over a year ago, I’d bought a house and moved an hour away from work. The new city I now live in is beautiful and peaceful. It takes me back in time, like I were living in the 1950′s. But there’s a problem – it’s such a brand new city, there are blank plots of land where critters reside. The house I moved into is located right across from one of those.

After hiring an exterminator to come out every two months to spray the house, we’d been bug free…except for a few months ago. One morning, I went to the garage and, to my surprise, found the biggest, most disgusting spider on my door-step. I later found out, it was a Wolf-Spider. Those buggers are HUGE.

As scared as I was, I called my husband over to take care of it, but he wouldn’t go near it. We were both too chicken to get within one inch of the thing. So, my husband came up with the brilliant idea to sweep the bugger out of the garage. But I wasn’t satisfied. I had to do something else.

What did I do? Well, I got into my car and ran it over to make sure it never came back. Yup, I actually wasted gas to kill it. But hey, this fear runs in my family. When I posted this story on facebook, my brother said (jokingly) that I should burn down my house to make absolute sure.

Are there any funny encounters you’d like to share?



Are You Ready For The Holidays?

Wednesday, December 5th, 2012

Because I know I am! This year, I’m hosting Christmas Eve. Every weekend this month, I have to get my house into gear. I’ve already gone shopping for decorations and gifts. There are plans to be made for the food, and I have to call my relatives to find out what they’re bringing.

Yes, this is the best time of the year. It’s so nice to go out and see decorations in stores, on residential houses, and in the office. I love getting together with family and celebrating. I love the music, the movies, the shows, and all the little extras that makes this time of the year so special.

What are you doing for the holidays?