50 Shades of Grey: Part 2

I finished the book and gave it a 1 out of 5 stars on Goodreads. Why? This is what I wrote:

This book gets 1 star and only because I was morbidly fascinated to read the whole thing and find out what happened. Usually, when a book sucks, I drop it. So here’s your one star from me. Congratulations on making it to the New York Times Bestsellers list with this book. I’m usually a lot more forgiving when it comes to reviews, but when a book suggests coercing a virgin into having painful hard-core sex is sexy and hot, I’m out. Christian’s only values was being a young rich guy who was handsome. Umm, that doesn’t make it ok for him to chase after Ana like some stalker psycho.


Basically, the book ends where Ana asks Christian to show her his worst. He was always talking about punishing her and she wanted to see what turned him on. She wanted the whole package before committing herself, so what Christian did was he took Ana over his knee and whipped her with a belt. Yeah, that finally scared her off. She was emotionally distraught to leave him because she loves him, but she knows she can’t do that sort of thing with him.

Well, it’s about time she came to her senses. But that was the whole plot. Man wants woman for sex, woman is virgin but gets with him anyways, both can’t see eye-to-eye about the relationship, and she leaves. Nothing big, nothing life changing. Blah blah blah I could’ve gotten this drama back in high school.


The popular majority get off on reading about hot men who control weak-minded women. Usually, there’s some form of consent, the girl is innocent, and the guy has years of experience. The girl always falls in love with the guy, but the guy tends to hold back on committing because he’s got another side of him he doesn’t want the girl to see.

Hello, repetitive recipe.

┬áHonestly, I much prefer reading books about strong willed women who commit courageous acts, not ones who wait for the ‘perfect guy’ to sweep her off her feet. But hey, if you’re into that kind of thing, more power to ya.

Oh and one more thing, just because a dude is super hot, rich, and powerful does not mean his freaky weird psycho tendencies are legitimate. Crazy is as crazy does.



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  1. Nanee says:

    Ok …I agree to a point it’s over and over the same drama the same sex the same fighting and scenarios … It does get boring … Never mind … The only thing that keeps me reading and trust me it had NOTHING to do with best seller because I don’t know how many times a movie is voted best , just like this book for all the hype disappointing BUT … Look deeper, look at his abuse, his faults strictly because what he went through … I love that Anna brings him out of his shell, makes him think, makes him be human, he wants her love , needs her love , he wants to change , learning life’s lessons, shyly being a adolescent, not knowing how to react to situations…. His reality is life before Anna he needs love, understanding, to be taken to task, read on… Like I said not my favorite, or my one of my favorites but understand what his pain is and appreciate Anna loves him and “rough sex” and gets into kinky f&ckery too ! Keep reading…

  2. Krysten says:

    Now, had Ana actually learned something, like say, just because a man is handsome and rich doesn’t mean he will be normal ( judging a book by its cover), learning everyone has their dark side. Not every man can be ‘fixed’ by love. Anyone, even a pretty person, can be abusive. Money can’t buy you everything. If she learned ANYTHING, I may give the lack of a definite ‘bad guy’ a pass. Books can be tools to teach also.

    But, I don’t need to be a rocket scientist to know Ana learns diddly squat from ‘dating’ Christian. Thus, book is pointless. Damaging AND pointless

  3. Lanette Kauten says:

    IMO, the bad guy was Christian.

  4. Nathan says:

    What a climax. If only all writers could get off that easy…

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