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The First Review of Zombie Whisperer

Sunday, April 29th, 2012

Guess what? I just got the first review of my book on Goodreads! I’m very happy about it and can’t wait for more to come, good or bad (preferably good).

For those who have bought my book, there are many different places to leave a review. You can do it on Amazon, Lulu, or Nook. It will become available on the iBookstore and in paperback soon.

If you would prefer to let me know directly about your thoughts, you can email me at cat[at]caterinatorres[dot]com, twitter, or on Facebook.



Rooting for the Villain

Friday, April 27th, 2012

I love to watch movies, whether they be new or old. And I’ll watch pretty much anything, as long as it isn’t too sappy or childish. Same thing with books. But there’s something I tend to do when listening to a good story – I’ll root for the villain.

Of those who have read my book, Zombie Whisperer, I’ve been told the bad guy is utterly evil and crazy. And I must admit, I had a lot of fun writing those parts. Even more fun than pushing my protagonist to fight the good fight and stay strong in the face of despair. I had to argue with myself about making book#2 of the Zombie Trilogy be explicitly about the evildoer (don’t worry, its not).

What is it about being bad that feels so good?

In almost every instance of reading/watching/listening to the antagonists in works of fiction, they seem so free because they do whatever they want. There are no rules for them; no boundaries. The sky is the limit as their emotions don’t stop them from reaching their goals.

Now I’m not saying I wish I was the bad guy; I care way too much. But could you just imagine what life would be?

No More Guilt

Don’t want to go to work today? Don’t go. Don’t feel like paying the mortgage? Don’t pay it. Being the criminal means not feeling much or any guilt when the rules of society are pushed against you. Cash is just paper that we, as the collective, agreed to create as the medium of exchange. Before that, it was gold. And before gold, it was barter. Imagine taking whatever you want without the use of money and not feeling guilty. That’s powerful stuff.

No More Laws

Once you’ve crossed the line over to lowlife, laws mean little to nothing in your world. Does it really matter to stay inside the speed limit? Not really. Will it help if you paid your taxes every year? Not if you life has already sunk real low. Without the fear of imprisonment, our lives are our own to create. Illegalities are a thing of the past because now we can choose risky career paths that add up to a fortune if done right.

Utter Freedom

Yeah, I know how that sounds. But we’ve all heard the phrase, “only the strong survive.” The bad guys look out for nothing and no one but themselves, therefore the odds are in their favor to be the last man/woman standing. They will eat that last piece of bread instead of sharing it. They will greedily drink that last cup of water even though you were dying of thirst. Our bodies want to live to pass on our genes, which means our brains are hardwired to make us selfish human beings. And without guilt or restraint, we will have achieved utter freedom.

Think about it. I know you’ve rooted for the villain once in a while; everyone has. I know I have.



Soulless Creatures

Wednesday, April 25th, 2012

It looks about high time to get back on the more popular subject of zombies, since it seems like I haven’t written about them in a couple of weeks. These guys need me to show them some love!

Soulless Creatues

What makes a creature soulless? Let’s first look at the definition of the word ‘soul’ from Google.

Soul -


  • The spiritual or immaterial part of a human being or animal, regarded as immortal
  • A person’s moral or emotional nature or sense of identity
    • - in the depths of her soul, she knew he would betray her
  • The essence of something
    • - integrity is the soul of intellectual life
  • Emotional or intellectual energy or intensity, esp. as revealed in a work of art or an artistic performance
    • - their interpretation lacked soul
  • A person regarded as the embodiment of a specified quality
    • - he was the soul of discretion
  • An individual person
    • - I’ll never tell a soul
  • A person regarded with affection or pity
    • - she’s a nice old soul
  • African-American culture or ethnic pride

Now let’s look at what Google tells us what soulless means.

Soulless -


  • (of a building, room, or other place) Lacking character and individuality
    • - she found the apartment beautiful but soulless
  • (of an activity) Tedious and uninspiring
    • soulless, nonproductive work
  • Lacking or suggesting the lack of human feelings and qualities
    • - two soulless black eyes were watching her

Both point out it has to do with character, feeling or what makes them unique. Ok, upon using those points, does that mean zombies have souls?

Zombies are/have:

Unique – They are undead and yearn for fresh flesh.

Characteristic – It’s a little obvious what a zombie is by the way they act.

Feelings – They want to eat, plain and simple. This hunger drives them to feel angry and aggressive towards their food.

I know most of you guys are laughing or rolling your eyes at me, but in my book, Zombie Whisperer, the main character can read/hear the zombies thoughts. You would assume zombies don’t think, but if the brain is telling them to eat, they must be thinking something, if not only about food.

Plus we shouldn’t forget the definition of zombie is used for many different cases. A modern day zombie could be a bored person who has a full time job and shambles about life.

What do you think? Do zombies have souls, or are they soulless?



Zombie Whisperer – Now Available on Nook!

Monday, April 23rd, 2012

I have made Zombie Whisperer available on nook! Now you have another way to download this fantastic ebook. My next project is to get it up on ibookstore and in a print version. I’ll keep everyone posted.



Getting to Know the Author: Part 2

Saturday, April 21st, 2012

Alrighty, this is my second post for getting to know me, the author! Don’t get used to it being weekly though. I’m just in a bloggy mood this weekend (especially since I’m still sick and stuck at home).

1 – I prefer hot weather over cold

If there was any place I could go to vacation, it would be Hawaii or Italy. I love hot weather because the sun is out and people can be seen walking around, mingling. I do know how to have fun in the cold too, but it would need to be in a place with snow otherwise I feel grouchy with just wind and rain.

2 – I love my town

I live in a really small town near Tracy called Mountain House. It’s this brand spanking new community that was created around 7 or 8 years ago (I believe). This place has beautiful brand new huge houses at affordable prices and there are parks everywhere. The people are amazing folks who like to get together and be a community. They even have their own forum called mhvillages. I’m a member and I like to check it periodically to see what’s new.

Here is a picture of the park near my house

3 – I own a house

At 24, I’d say that is a pretty big accomplishment, especially in this economy. But it didn’t happen overnight. It took a lot of saving, work, and dedication to get my house. And there was a ton of paper signing too. My signature looks even funkier now because of that.

Here is a picture of the model house (Sorry, not sharing my real home. It has my address on the front).