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Short Stories coming soon!

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

Hi all,

I realized it might take a little while longer before Zombie Whisperer is published for the general public. And I know a lot of folks are interested to read some of my work.

So for some much needed fun, I have decided to write short stories that relate to my Zombie Trilogy. They will be considered side stories and will not directly coincide with any of the main characters in my books. But they will be folks who are going through the recent trauma of a zombie apocalypse.

Every month, there will be a new addition to the short story. Please feel free to comment and share your thoughts.

I hope everyone enjoys!



Book Review: Viridis

Monday, January 30th, 2012

I recently read the Steampunk Romance Viridis, the first book in the steampunk series.

I gave the book five out of five stars because it was very well written, had a great story, flowed and gave great detail for the romance. Normally I do not read steam punk romances, but this one did well for me. I like Phoebe’s strong female role and I liked Seth’s charm. I liked that I couldn’t figure out who the villain was until the very end, the person responsible for the murder. It definitely left me guessing until the very end.

The only problem I might have was it lagged in some areas. I guess I’m too used to ACTION ACTION ACTION around every scene, and not used to a slow character development and going around every detail. I didn’t find the book dark at all, but I read a lot of those and became numb to them.

All in all, it was fantastic!



Book Review: Maid for the Billionaire

Monday, January 23rd, 2012

I have recently read Ruth Cardello’s Maid for the Billionaire, which is a Romance novel about two very opposite people who fall in love.

I enjoyed this read because the storyline flowed together easily, creating a picture in my head along the way. The book brought me into the story right away, following the first meeting of Dominic and Abby and rushing into a romance between the two. I loved the strong female character Abby portrays when Dominic tries to muscle his opinions into her life. She sticks to her guns, but still takes a chance with this handsome stranger by attending his business in China. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the funny banter between these two characters and amongst the other side characters to the story.

My only problem for this book was that it ended rather quickly. I didn’t feel the climax of the story as much as I’d hoped and I  didn’t realize the book ended until it said, ‘The End’ and continued to a small sample of Book #2. An abrupt ending is good to keep the reader intrigued to buy the second book (which I did), but it also left me up in the air instead of being so used to just a happy ending that sounded more final.

All in all, I gave Maid for the Billionaire five out of five stars. Can’t wait to read book#2 in the series, For love or Legacy.



The Business of Becoming an Author

Tuesday, January 17th, 2012

My dream, my passion is to become a successful author. Now you might ask, what exactly does that mean? Well my good friend, let me explain:

To start, you need to come up with an idea you can transform into a book. This idea can be the work of fiction or nonfiction (the first is a fake story, and latter is factual events). This idea has to push you enough to write a full fledged book (about 80,000 words for adult audiences).Once you have revised it a couple of times and you are happy with the story, test it out on some close trusted family/friends.

After you have written your book (or rather manuscript), next is figuring out how to edit the work. Editing is a very important, yet tedious process. None the less, do not scrimp on editing. The difference is publishing a highschool paper versus a college level masterpiece. You think I’m kidding? Try reading something that hasn’t been professionally edited and come talk to me afterwards.

Next is figuring out your path to publishing. Should you go the traditional route and find an agent? Or should you self-publish? Either way, you have to be happy with the end result and no one else. You are the one who is going to do all the work, so you need to look at all your options.

Let’s say you go the traditional route and go with an agent. Search through Google (or use and find reputable agents who are willing to take new clients.  Make sure you understand your genre and compose a query to send out (MAKE SURE YOU ARE FINISHED WITH YOUR MANUSCRIPT!). Hopefully, after countless rejection letters and frustrating hair pulling, an agent will ask for a partial/full and will love it enough to represent your work. You will then work with your agent to figure out a business plan to market the book and sell it to a publishing house, who will pay you an advance (upwards of $5,000) to publish your book. When your book hits the shelves, you will receive a percentage of royalties from the sales.

Now, I just painted the perfect picture all start-up authors dream when querying to agents. This doesn’t necessarily happen. For this route to come to fruition, you need a lot of PATIENCE. This process can and will take months to most times years from getting an agent, to marketing the book, to selling to a publishing house, to finally seeing your book on the shelf. But it is a lot cheaper than self-publishing.

Let’s say you go with self-publishing. This route means doing all the work yourself: hiring a professional editor, paying for a website, paying for a book cover, networking, marketing, transforming the document into something that can be put on Amazon or other online ebook markets so you can sell it to people, etc. Yes it will be expensive and yes it will be a lot of work. BUT you have the satisfaction of knowing your book will be available to the general public and you will get most of the profit. Profit might be slow, but at least you have control over it because you can choose how much money to sell it online.

So that’s the skinny to the business of becoming an author. I’m sure there are many other points I did not write about, but those two are the most common methods to publishing. It’s not the easiest career choice, but if you have the passion to write nothing else should matter.

Do what you love and love what you do.





Sunday, January 15th, 2012

Have you heard of It’s this fantastic website that allows you to join for free and post the books you have read, are reading and will read. You can then rank them according to your preference, adding to the collective of rankings online. Other people can be your friend and join groups that discuss anything from the current popular book that has been published to suggestions of things to read.

For self-published authors, this website is a great way to market your book and gain rankings other than and other ebook buyers markets. Goodreads also has this great tool called ‘recommendations’ for books that you should read based on the history of books read. I love it!

I highly suggest any serious authors to become a member and connect with readers from around the world.

Here is my profile: Caterina Torres