Welcome to the wonderful world of zombies, where there are no rules or laws governing what you can and cannot do because the only important thing is to SURVIVE.

What is it about the undead that fascinates us so much? Is it that they are mindless beings that yearn for fresh flesh? Is it because they were once normal people, but have since become our greatest nightmares? No matter the reason, zombies have been a part of the spoken culture for years.

Magic, mystics, voodoo, curses, plagues, viruses (I could go on forever) have been the driving force behind the reanimation of dead bodies. The most recent popular methodology for making a human being into a zombie is the use of science, or rather the misuse of science.

So however you spin it, slice it, or otherwise make it, zombies are here to stay.

This topic is really starting to give me the munchies…